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I've paid but i haven't received an order confirmation!
Posted by Carl Troy, Last modified by on 24 May 2010 01:27 PM
If you have placed an order and haven't received an email confirmation from us within 60 minutes then please check the following;

1) Ensure you entered your email address correctly and that you have checked your "spam" and "junk" folders (as sometimes certain email programs may mistakenly identify order confirmations as these).

2) Check that you entered your address and post code correctly. Our online security system checks the numbers contained within your address (house number and postcode) against your banks records, if there is a mis-match then the order will not be accepted. If you live in a flat/apartment it is sometimes necessary to put the building number first instead of your door number. Please note - If you enter your address incorrectly your bank may still authorise the payment but the order will not be accepted (see other payment questions)

3) In some cases your bank may refuse to authorise a payment, this will result in the order not being accepted and no order confirmation will be sent. Banks have their own anti-fraud schemes and if they suspect the order is fraudulent then they will refuse payment. A quick call to your bank to confrim you are aware of the order will normally sort this out.

4) On occasion, if for any reason the website has timed out (this is where the website detects no activity for 15 mins) then the order may not be accepted even though payment may be made. If this happens we will try and contact you as soon as possible or attempt to reverse the payment. Payment reversals can sometimes take a couple of business days due to the banks clearing method.

5) Non-UK and pre-paid Credit/Debit Cards are not accepted by us and the order will not be accepted.
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